feeling small

Last night I stayed a few minutes after class to see the results of one of my classmate's printer experiments.  The printers they have in the lab it seems will allow you to print using a roll of glossy photo paper.  You actually have to borrow the roller attachments from "the cage".

With the help of our instructor, she set it all up and the four of us who remained were very excited to see the result.  She was printing a composite of four photos taken of a lily pond.  It came out beautifully.

The funny thing was that somehow all of us thought that the roll was a mere 32 inches, when in fact, it was 32 feet – big difference.  Not only in size, but in cost.  The roll costs about $32, and the photo that she printed was about 30 inches.  So instead of costing $32 to print, it was closer to about $3.50.

Since I was running late, I called downthedip, to let him know that I would be home soon.  In the distance I could see flickers of lightening behind the tall buildings lining Michigan Avenue.  I hung up with him as I was about to climb the stairs to Millennium Park.  I made it around one path, and was almost to The Bean, when it started to downpour.

Not only buckets of rain, but loud clasps of thunder, which were made all the louder as they echoed off the buildings downtown.  I don't like thunder.

There was a group of teenagers hanging out by the new tables they set up in the park.  Everytime it thundered, they let out loud screams.  By this point the fireworks had started at Navy Pier.  As they couldn't tell the difference, they started screaming at the fireworks as well.

It seemed like I was the only person around as I made my way through the last stretch of the park.  I was completely soaked by this point, and the storm seemed to be getting closer.  At times I actually thought I might get hit by lightening.  I stayed out in the open, away from the trees and light poles.  My heart raced.

I finally made it to cover, but it seemed kind of pointless as I don't think I could have been any more wet.  I still haven't checked inside my bag to see the state of the photos I printed.

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