more quarters please…

What was your favorite arcade game growing up? What's your favorite game now?

I was a big fan of Pac Mac and Ms. Pac Man. It always bugged me though when I would watch other kids (always guys) follow some plan they had learned so that they could clear the board and get to the next level. It didn't seem like much fun. And of course if you played after they did, the game was somehow faster.

I also liked Shooting Gallery. This was a cute game where you had a virtual arcade to shoot at. And if you missed a duck before it got to the last row, it would fly down and eat some of your bullets. For the bonus round you shot at a bear which would growl and then run away.

I don't really play video games much any more. It is far too addictive. We had one of those game systems, but it became clear I needed to quit cold turkey. We ended up selling it at the garage sale we had when we left Austin, Texas. We threw in all the games we had to the girl who bought it.

I do enjoy board games still. B won't play Scrabble with me. But sometimes we play one of our Cheapass games. They are quite clever.

p.s. Doesn't this title make it sound like I was going to talk about laundry?!!

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2 Responses to more quarters please…

  1. You said, it bugs you when other kids follow a plan and clear the board…but thats part of the whole fun! Beating the game!

  2. chris says:

    I suppose beating the game is worth something. It just never seemed like the people I witnessed were having fun.

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