ode to the laundry room

Did 10 loads of laundry yesterday.  It seems that they are getting rid of the Pepsi soda machine they had up there, and replacing it with two huge Coke soda machines.  The old machine dispensed cans that cost 65 cents; the new machines (which weren't hooked up) dispense plastic bottles for $1.25 each. That's almost double!

Of course the room looked ridiculous.  The old machine hasn't been moved out, nor has this broken down copier that has been just sitting up there for over a year now. The two new soda machines were squeezed in among the mess. Again I must ask, what does luxury mean to you?

The laundry gods had a good laugh yesterday as well.  They reminded me that they can give as well as take away.  I got behind in my laundry as I had to return my broken card.  I would use the quarter machines, but since there are only two, at most I would do four loads of laundry at a time.

We got lucky, and when I still hadn't received a replacement card and had had enough, B found a card someone had left on the card machine with no money on it.  So we used that one, instead of forking over another three bucks for the privilege.  And last week they finally returned my old card to me – over a month later.

So I was all excited having two laundry cards, but of course that excitement was very short lived.  The card we found, which had $7 left over on it from my previous visit, gave me that "error code 20" message and deducted a penny (essentially a dollar) from the card when I had used it to start the big industrial washing machine.

Thankfully I managed to use it in the dryer and finish out the card.  Well, it says 99 cents.  So I will have to send it back and hope it doesn't take another month to process.  I can't say I will miss the laundry room.  I always feel so dirty when I go there.

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