random much?

What does it mean when you get up at 7:30am and make Rice Krispie ™ treats?

Maybe it is because I did TEN loads of laundry yesterday – and still am not finished.  Perhaps it is because they "fixed" the wood border on the hallway by filling in the sections where the wall wasn't flat with brown putty so it literally looks like there is sh*t on the wall.  Or could it be that we are moving within the next THIRTY days!!

It is probably something like that.

Taste of Chicago starts today. For the next week or so this area is going to be insane.  It is interesting how it worked out that I only have to go to class on one day during this event.  Our last class, no less.  It should be interesting.

Speaking of which, I need to figure out my final photos and get on the ball.  Looks like I will have to go in early on Wednesday to finish printing out my stuff unless I want to send it to a photo processor or try printing it off on our ink jet.  We actually did a couple that way, and they aren't bad.

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1 Response to random much?

  1. Rexie says:

    We should go to the Taste of Chicago for some fried moza^H^H^H^H motsa^H^H^H^H^H cheese!

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