another possibility

This is another photo I am considering for my final project.  I love that if you look closely you can see that this guy is trying to pretend that he is flying – he has his hands straight out.  This really was just a lucky catch, as I took it from the Ferris Wheel across the way.

In other news, the Internet is still not working.  I am using the Business Center in our building (for the first time, no less).  I think it is funny that this is somehow on a different system.  Hmmm.  What do you think is up with that?

I am actually able to sit here and look out onto Michigan Avenue.  It looks like the wedding reception is ending, as I see a lot of people leaving.  Yes, they have a big party room up on the top floor on the other side of our building.  It still seems like an odd place to have a wedding reception.  I am just glad we live on the other side so don't have to deal with drunk party goers in the elevator. There was just a very drunk guy who left the building, so I can only imagine what people have seen.

Speaking of seeing, we stopped in on one of the floors where they have finished the hallway project.  It looks quite garrish!  They were right in picking a very patterned carpet given that it is a high traffic area, but went a bit overboard with the color scheme.  Two colors is plenty.  Four is crazy.  I suspect that they won't get ours done before they leave.  Just as well, I think I might have to wear sunglasses despite there being no windows in the hallways.

They are cleaning up the streets as there were probably a hundred thousand or so visitors at the Taste of Chicago today.  We stopped by for a bit, but I think I may have already mentioned that.

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