contents of boxC13 (nothing to see here)

This box also contains the complete EveryDay Food magazines.  Well, issue 9 is currently AWOL, but I suspect it will turn up.  Additionally Good Things for Entertaining, Martha Stewart Holiday Special Baking Issue, and Special Foods Issue are also located here.

Boring, but necessary in terms of keeping track of everything.

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3 Responses to contents of boxC13 (nothing to see here)

  1. illumined says:

    oh my god, i need that book.

  2. chris says:

    This is a pretty cool book. Browniecow recommends it. We actually have a bunch of brownie books. Wonder why? 😉

  3. illumined says:

    i am like the brownie queen. it's my specialty, really. there was an issue of good housekeeping a couple years back with all brownie recipes, and most of them are fabulous.

    a friend of shawn's and his brother are really big brownie fans. they had a "brownie cook off" and baked all the different brands to find out which was best. they ended up liking my homemade from scratch ones more than any other. IN YOUR FACE DUNCAN HINES!

    though i'll admit, my favorite are the cream cheese swirl ones…

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