qotd: weekend wrap-up

What did you do this weekend?

Packed?  LOL!!

Actually we did get some packing done, as you can see from my collections.  I believe we have something like 1000 CD's here.  There are more in storage in California.  Still, that is some collection.  And pretty eclectic if I don't say so myself.  By the end of the day I hope to have all the media packed up.  It will probably take up about 30 boxes.

If you read B's vox, I won't bore you with the details.  I did finish Glamorous Disasters.  It is a scary look at what happens when parents throw money at their kids.  It is an extreme fictionalized account, but somewhere in there is a grain of truth.  There certainly is something wrong when someone who has had every benefit turns out a below average druggie.

Yesterday evening to get out of the apartment we went down to Argo Tea and then in search of the beginning of Route 66.  We were off by a block, but we passed by this deli called Ada's and ended up having dinner there.  It wasn't bad.  It is funny that we never noticed it before.  There were several tables with people attending The Gay Games.  One guy joined his party late.  He was in quite the get-up.  Dark suit, big hair, face all painted.  No idea what he was supposed to be.

There were lots of people in the neighborhood walking around with gay.com backpacks.  And also several people with signs chanting about how those who didn't repent were going to hell.  Lovely.

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