sugar makes the brain believe it is starving

Everyone who has children, has weight issues, eats sugar, knows someone with children or weight issues – essentially EVERYONE should listen to this:

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Tue, Aug 15, 2006 — 10:00 AM
Obesity & Starvation

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Forum assesses a recent hypothesis on obesity, and how sugar may trigger a starvation reaction in the brain, with Robert Lustig.
Host: Michael Krasny

Robert Lustig, author of the hypothesis, which was published last week in Nature Clinical Practice: Endocrinology and Metabolism, professor of clinical pediatrics, and director of the Weight Assessment for Teen and Child Health (WATCH) Program at UC-San Francisco’s Children's Hospital

It is an hour long, but WOW! This isn't even funny what is happening to our diet in the US.

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5 Responses to sugar makes the brain believe it is starving

  1. FaerieKissed says:

    Have you seen Supersize Me? There's a part where the guy displays all the sugar-free menu items at McDonalds. They were a diet coke, an order of fries, and I think chicken mcnuggets (yes, even the salads have sugar–probably in the dressing).

  2. colleen says:

    thanks, I am going to find an hour today to listen to this.

  3. chris says:

    I haven't seen Supersize Me. But one of the things pointed out
    in this discussion is that one of the oldest culinary tricks is to use
    sugar to hide salt. He gives the example of how sweet and sour
    sauce tastes sweet despite that it is made of half soy sauce.

  4. Melanie says:

    I popped this on my ipod and listened in bed last night and it was excellent (and eye opening, even with all the buzz that's been going around re: sugar). thank you!

  5. chris says:

    It is still just a theory, but it seems to make sense. The
    story of the 6-year old who drank a gallon of juice a day was
    heartbreaking. But it did turn him into an activist and got WIC
    to offer fruit at least in California. I have sent it to a friend
    who is a doctor working with low-income families. She wants to go
    into public health so this seems like a great cause.

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