guess what i got?

A library card!  A free one.  And I didn't even have to lie like someone I know who shall remain nameless given the line of work her spouse is in*.  Of course I do live by the credo, say nothing that you can be held to, and nothing unless you are compelled to.

When I went on line to figure out if the library had WIFI, and what the rules were I saw that you could apply for a card on line, so I did – from the library while using the free WIFI.  The next day I got an email saying the card had been mailed to me, and it arrived in my box today.  Pretty cool.

The next hurdle was verifying the card.  My driver's license address is actually B's uncle's home, but that is a whole other story.  I wrote in the PO Box address on the back, but she didn't turn it over.  Instead she asked for a piece of mail.  I of course had the envelope the library card came in, but she was all, do you have anything else? 

Thankfully my name is still on B's BofA statement (we set this up at least 15 years ago so I could make deposits to his account without any problems) so I showed her that, and it worked.  Otherwise I haven't received any mail.  I fear I may have to call my friends at the 60601 post office and ask them what is up.

This is the book I checked out.  I read about it on Daily Candy.  Oh, and I also found our local post office today.  Mailed B's cousins a couple of Stanford shirts.  The woman who helped me was a bit intense, wanting to know if I needed signature verification.  Um, no thanks.

* I don't blame her at all.  It was a white lie, and it saved her from paying $90. I don't think anyone should have to pay to use the library.

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