and then

When we last checked in, I had "cleaned" up the cave room so the cleaning service could take place.  I walked over to the library, grabbing a quick lunch along the way.  Can't seem to escape Baja Fresh.

While at the library I posted some photos to Flickr, since I can't seem to do that from the Internet connection here.  I also can't send mail from my .mac account unless I am using the webmail.

Anyway, I figured out that I could take the bus to the UPS store so I could check our mail.  Little did I know that B had stopped in on his way to the office.  Just as well, another large box arrived.

The good news is that both B and I received official notices of our change of address! Of course no sign of the mail.  But progress.  Maybe it is a good thing I didn't get a hold of the supervisor.

I called B to let him know where I was, and see if he wouldn't pick me up on his way home.  We decided we would just grab dinner there.  Unfortunately he wasn't ready to leave yet.  I figured it would be okay, as I could entertain myself.

After almost an hour I was getting antsy, and cold.  So I decided to roam the aisles of Albertsons.  I felt like a homeless person with my laptop bag and big purse.  After going around the store, I checked in with B and learned he was still at work.

He made it there around 8pm.  I had arrived at the shopping center around 6:20.  Dinner was good though and we were greeted with hot tea shortly after we were seated.

Here is where it gets downright hysterical.  After all of that – we come home and find the room just as I left it – it hadn't been cleaned!  Apparently somehow they forgot.  Reportedly someone will come tomorrow.  Thank goodness I took out the trash.

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  1. YOU ARE KIDDING?!?!?! GEEZ! Come stay at the Extended Stay in San Ramon! You'll be closer and you can come over on cleaning days!

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