vox hunt : stuck on you

Last weekend we stopped by at teacake, a new bake shop in Emeryville.  This is a photo of their box – that's a sticker on it.  Wonder what's inside…..

These actually are as good as they look.  And at three bucks a pop, they should be.  Still, I miss my vanilla wonders from Southport Bakery via Intelligentsia (and they were only two bucks).  We also tried a couple of cookies. Oh my! 

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2 Responses to vox hunt : stuck on you

  1. Next year for the twins party (which I'm really going to do next year which didn't happen this year, i still have your magazine, thank you for the use, i can mail it to you if you like) I'm going to get them cupcakes from here with little j's and k's !!!!! YAY!

  2. chris says:

    No birthday party this year? Bummer. Not like they would remember anyway.

    I love the cupcake idea. Hopefully there is a discount if you
    order in bulk. Seriously $3 for one cupcake is outrageous.

    You don't have to mail the magazine back. I hope to see you again
    soon! And it is not like I will be having a kid's birthday party
    in the immediate future. 😉

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