acme is bread

When we visited the Ferry Building, we stopped, of course, at the Acme Bread Company.  If you have never had Acme Bread, I hate to be the bearer of sad news, but you haven't had bread.

My personal favorite is the sweet baguette, which is what we ended up getting despite all of these amazing choices.  Part of the issue is that I packed away my bread knife, so that makes things a bit tough (or easy, depending on your perspective). There are few things better than tearing off a chunk of a baguette, and slathering some sweet creamy butter on it.

We both noticed that in addition to bread of all sizes and flavors, they had pastries.  I think B may have been a bit Acme Bread deprived because he actually asked the woman behind the counter if they made them! I mean, this is Acme Bread, whose product would they carry that is equal to them? I almost whacked him with the baguette, but why waste such amazing bread? Have I mentioned how good it is?

The thing about Acme Bread is that you have to eat it within 24 hours of it coming out of the oven.  Beyond that, you pretty much have a new addition to your rock collection.  You can sometimes go an extra 12 hours if you pat the bread with a bit of water and stick it in an oven (toaster or otherwise).  But alas at this point we are without either.

I have so missed Acme Bread.  There wasn't anything even close in Chicago.  Whenever we would find halfway decent bread we would ask for a second basket and then get our entrees to go.

My name is Chris and I am a bread snob.  Deal with it.

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3 Responses to acme is bread

  1. Is it as good as a baguette from Paris? Cause, man, so far, I've never tasted anything as good!

  2. downthedip says:

    You know that I only asked because different bakeries will specialize in different things (e.g. Medici on 57th… fantastic pastry, but the demi-baguette I tried that day didn't come close to Acme or Semifreddi's or Bread Workshop or the other usual suspects here in Northern California.

  3. FaerieKissed says:

    I felt the same way about Braschler's when I lived outside of Red Wing. I love bakeries that don't use any preservatives–or "dough tenderizers", whatever that is!

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