random thoughts

I think I spent too much time in my head today. My thoughts have been all over the place.

Part of me sees that light at the end of the tunnel. Another part is not so sure.

Decided to go back out to the Stanford Shopping Center. I love the gardens there, although the people sometimes I could do without. The habits and manners of the wealthy are far from pretty.

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3 Responses to random thoughts

  1. Lauren says:

    That's beautiful. And sometimes it's good to spend a lot of time in your head. You're challenging your own imagination and intellect. Think of it in a positive light.

  2. It's not just the wealthy is it? It's people's habits and manners in public
    and towards strangers in general. Just because people don't know them
    doesn't mean they don't deserve respect, right?

    How do you know if you've spent too much time in your head or too
    little? If your thoughts are all over the place, shouldn't you spend
    more time in your head to sort them out? I don't know – I have the
    same problem. <=)

  3. chris says:

    Lauren – Thanks. I tend to agree. It just seems like I have been there a lot lately.

    b_r – It is certainly not just the weathy who behave inappropriately in
    public. They just seem to have their own unique bag of tricks.

    I really need to elaborate. This post is a work in progress.

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