vox hunt: i know this great coffee place

Show us your favorite place to get a cup of coffee.
Submitted by danatmedog.

I miss Intelligentsia. I was so glad to discover it when it opened literally across the street from us. They imported pastries and other goodies from around the city and beyond. So in one place I could get the most magnificent cupcakes (instead of trekking by train over to Southport Grocery) as well as Scharffenberger chocolates, Coke in a glass bottle, and even a few items from Fox & Obel (B was a big fan of their savory croissants).

The service was always friendly. They took their drink making seriously. As the move got into full swing I found myself ordering more and more large iced mochas. Other times I would get a large iced tea, black (they often had up to six kinds to pick from).

We filled up at least three drink cards before we left, and even got a card for a free coffee once because they felt I had waited too long. I made the mistake of giving it to B's parents who thanked them by whipping out a donut they had tucked away in his Mom's purse -leftovers from the breakfast buffet. Oy!

I loved that there were always fresh flowers on each of the tables. And the music was pretty good too, although sometimes a bit loud to study. At night they put candles on the tables.

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One Response to vox hunt: i know this great coffee place

  1. Jenny Marie says:

    Aaah! That is one of the things I miss the most about the
    States. Cafés here are numerous, and you can spend hours in them,
    but customer service is laughable and they lack character. They
    all look pretty similar and serve basically the same drinks.
    Also, no squishy armchairs.

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