qotd: my first kiss

Tell us about your first kiss.  Who was it with?  How old were you?

from an lj post on 03.02.06:

we'll never feel bad anymore

Since hurricane_amy asked, I am sharing once again the story of my first real kiss. Yes, I was 21 years old. I mostly copied and pasted, but did add a bit more, for those who have read it before. Enjoy.

Tonight marks the sixteenth anniversary of the first time downthedip and I kissed. We had known each other for about two years and were having a hard time admitting to ourselves that we were more than just friends.

The details are blurry, but I had come up to Berkeley to visit my girlfriends, although secretly I wanted to spend time with B. At some point we met up with him and the two of us went off on our own to the music store in search of the new Tanita Tikaram CD ("Sweet Keeper", I believe). We walked around Telegraph Avenue, and ending up buying it at Rasputin’s (I think).

It was chilly, and starting to get late, and I had to go pee. As I was quite the princess then*, there was no way I would use the facilities anywhere around there, so we headed back to his house. This I remember very clearly – he thought it was very funny that I found myself in this predicament, and started making water-dripping noises the whole way. Drip, drip, drip. Drop. Sploosh!

It was a close call, but I made it. He invited me into his room (he lived in an old Victorian house that had essentially been converted into a boarding house) so we could listen to the CD. He offered me liqueur filled chocolates. I had half of one.

I remember too one of his housemates knocked on the door, and there were giggles heard after he left throughout the house as news spread of the fact that B had a girl in his room. Oh my!

The kiss itself was pretty funny. He claims he was afraid that I might bite him. Thus, he kissed me first on one cheek, and then the other. When he was sure he was not in harm’s way, he at long last kissed me.

It was pretty late by this point so it didn't make any sense to go walking back to my friends' house. I didn't want them to worry, so called, and of course, woke them up. They didn't seem surprised at all. You know that feeling when you think no one else knows, but they all do — yeah, that's how I felt.

We stayed up and talked most of the night, until finally we gave out. It seemed natural almost that we fall asleep in each others arms. Of course all I wanted in the morning was my toothbrush.


*Ok, I'm still a princess and definitely wouldn't use the public restroom around, on, or near Telegraph Avenue. Just trust me when I say I was a whole lot worse back then.

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2 Responses to qotd: my first kiss

  1. chris says:

    How funny. The ads on the bottom of this page are for Wedding Cakes, Shattuck Ave Self Storage (B had a storage space there), SF Urgent Care, and SF Hotel. Go figure.

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