big red

This one is for the dear Miss Amy!

I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. Of course Amazon would have it.

Here I have been searching the grocery stores of Southern California thinking surely someone MUST carry this soda here. But so far, I have turned up empty handed.

For those who don't know, Big Red soda is a Texas tradition. When I worked at an Internet startup in Austin, we stocked the fridge full of the stuff. In fact, I think if you took a poll of the dozen guys I worked with and asked which one flavor of soda should we keep in the fridge, Big Red would have won out. I think the only thing that might have beat it would have been beer, which we also stocked on Fridays. These guys guzzled it down by the case (Big Red, and well, I guess beer, but not quite to that extent at work).

I have to admit that I tried it, but I think Big Red is what Marmite is to those from England – unless you grew up with it, you don't get it. Still it is hard to live in Texas for five years and not find your inner Texan which will always be a part of you.

According to the description Big Red Cream Soda has been a Texas tradition since 1937. It is made from lemon and orange oils topped with vanilla. Or if you have ever had big red gum – it tastes just like it.

Seriously though, if there is a Texan in your life, this will make their holiday.

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4 Responses to big red

  1. dani says:

    my husband's a texan!

  2. Danh says:

    Since cutting sodas out of my life, this post seriously makes me want to go out and get one….I think I will!

  3. yeap…. Big Red is good! We never buy it though. LOL I like how it tastes, we're just not big on it. We live in Texas but we're not from here, if you know what I mean. =)

  4. OH MY GAH!!!!YAY!!!! I'm adding it to my wishlist!!!! You RULE! Thank you!!!

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