five gold rings

The lovely Clamhead reminded me of one of my favorite Christmas CD's of all time while discussing the finer points of decorating a Christmas tree (you should really check out her post – it's good). B and I bought a used copy of this CD when we went to Monterrey several years ago for the holidays.

A Christmas Together
John Denver & the Muppets

We stayed in our favorite little Inn there. And when we came back for the night, I stuck it in the little CD player on the nightstand. After playing it, I left it in the CD player not thinking anything more. Little did we know that the CD player was also an alarm clock and the people who had stayed in the room before us set it for FIVE AM!!! Still it is a very fond Christmas memory waking up to Miss Piggy wailing about FIVE GOLD RINGS. Of course the cows were there, and they sang along too. And for the record we never did figure out how to turn off the alarm clock.

When I thought the CD had been lost (read chucked out by B who wasn't quite as amused), I bought another. And of course the original magically reappeared. But they are both now in boxes in Chicago. I never thought we wouldn't have our stuff by the holidays. I may have to order a third copy off Amazon (Prime will get it to me by Monday) because what would Christmas be without Miss Piggy singing about jewelry in the wee hours of the morning.

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2 Responses to five gold rings

  1. I've never heard that Xmas cd! But I love The Muppets! I love all their movies… =)

  2. chris says:

    It is a very fun CD. I think it is $6 on Amazon. I think we paid about $5 for our used copy we found. And that was several years ago.

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