qotd: one lump or two?

How do you take your tea or coffee?
Submitted by Vasquez.

I am a total tea drinker. Hot or cold, I prefer black teas.

For iced, give me a chilled bottle of Tejava and a glass of ice, and I am happy. I am thankful to be in the land of 99 cents Tejava. In Chicago it was $1.19 per bottle at Trader Joes. Still, I am disappointed that there is no case discount, because I have been known to take a case home.

And while it is rare that I put sugar in my tea, I do also enjoy  sweet tea like they make down in Texas, especially on a hot day. It reminds me of my great-grandmother's tea which she brewed in a coffee pot with honey and sugar.

For hot tea, if it is black tea I will usually add milk. Sometimes I even add sugar. I have cut back though.

For other teas I will drink them straight up. I like the Republic of Tea brand as well as Forte. But most of the time I drink Red Rose. Right now there is a box of PG tips on the counter, so we have been enjoying that.

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2 Responses to qotd: one lump or two?

  1. HapaLove says:

    If you come back down to SD again, you'll have to try Exotic Bamboo Imports. Strange name for a tea place, but they have an entire wall full of jars of tea from all over the world… the last cup I had was a South African rooibos that I really enjoyed. There was a tea place in San Francisco (sold, not served) that I recently tried that was also delightful… I think it was called Red Dragon, or Red Blossom tea company…something like that.

  2. Lauren says:

    My mom hates hot tea, but whenever she was sick, she would drink Red Rose. When I was a kid, she bought enough boxes to collect these small, ceramic, off white animals. I was obsessed with having them all. I hadn't thought about that in years…

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