qotd: i hope my parents aren’t reading this…

What's something you did when you were younger that you still haven't confessed to your parents?
Submitted by Bizz.

When I was about five-years old, for some reason my sister (who was 4) had to sleep in the same bedroom, perhaps in the same bed. I remember that there were people staying with us, but I am not sure why. At any rate, we were sent to bed, despite all the activity still going on in the house.

For some reason my sister asked me to give her a quarter that was on the dresser, and I think just to keep her quiet I got up and got it for her. She then started tossing it up in the air. Seemed innocent enough, although annoying. The room was dark so what I didn't realize was that she was trying to catch it – in her mouth! I realized this when she did in fact catch it, and started choking!

I didn't know what to do, and was quite freaked out. But I figured if I went and told them that Alice was choking on a quarter, they would ask where she got the quarter, and then I would be in BIG trouble. So I rolled over and played possum.

My parents quickly discovered her and tried to figure out what she was choking on. I heard them in the kitchen trying to get the quarter out. They tried everything from turning her upside down to giving her bread soaked in wine (I think this was a combination to get her to vomit as well as some religious idea thrown out by one of the adults). In the end they decided they needed to take her to the ER. My grandmother lived upstairs and so she stayed with me, still playing possum in the other room.

And the story goes that my Dad got pulled over for speeding, and then was given a police escort to the hospital. And of course once they filled out the paperwork and got to see the doctor, my sister threw up, and there in the silver bowl was the quarter.

By the time they did return from the ER, I was really fast asleep. And the next morning they told me how I slept soundly through the whole ordeal. I am still amazed that my sister didn't give me up right then.

As for my parents finding out, I am really not worried. For starters my Mom is dead, and so is my sister. My father, I am not sure about. We haven't spoken in over 20 years.

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1 Response to qotd: i hope my parents aren’t reading this…

  1. Roxy says:

    O_O holy hell!I'm sure I have a story like that.. but some angel of self preservation has disconnected it from the rest of my brain.

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