book review :: the position

The Position : A Novel
Meg Wolitzer

This is the second book I have read by Meg Wolitzer. I read The Wife for my book club and it lead to one of the best conversations we ever had! I think it had more to do with the subject matter combined with the group, but it was one of those nights every book club wishes for.

The Position also centers around a book and the impact it has on a family. In this case the book is a Joy of Sex type book complete with illustrations in which the parents in the book posed for. The parents have four children ranging in age from five to fifteen when the book is published, and it changes them forever.

The book flashes forward to the upcoming thirtieth anniversary of the book, and the publisher wants to do an updated reissue. The parents are now divorced and the children are grown and moved away. The family home has been sold years ago. We learn that the oldest daughter has moved to California and has little to do with the family, the oldest son is a big wig at a tech company in NYC, the youngest daughter is trying to find her way and the youngest son is gay. Of course it is all more complicated than that. And with each chapter you learn a little bit more.

It certainly isn't the best book I ever read, but it had me interested enough that I stayed up until the crack of dawn to finish it. It is an interesting look at a family and how the choices parents make can greatly impact the everyone in the family. Some of it is funny. Some of it is sad. There are a couple of surprises thrown in for good measure.

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