cupcake holder

Who doesn't love cupcakes? They are cute and tasty. But have you ever tried to take one home for later? Not so pretty, right?

Well, now you can have your cupcake later. I first found these at Sprinkles in Newport Beach. Since then, they have done a deal with Williams-Sonoma so guess who is also selling these little guys? Even better, you can get them from the source too.

Depending on where you get them, the price ranges from $3 to $5 each. Of course, shipping can add to the price, so that is something to consider as well. I only saw blue and white at Williams-Sonoma. Sprinkles had Pink. And I recently saw yellow at Bittersweet in San Francisco.

Here are some links:

Cupacakes (note they have a list of retailers on their site)
Bittersweet (locations in San Francisco and Oakland)
Sprinkles (locations in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach)
Williams-Sonoma (available in store only)

One last thing – these are NOT dishwasher safe. They must be handwashed and should be rinsed before first use.

Let me know what you think! And feel free to join the group if you like.

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One Response to cupcake holder

  1. This will make the perfect gift for someone I know!

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