now is the time to prepare for v-day*

If you want to go to a swanky restaurant or in place, today would be a good day to call and make a reservation.

If you are thinking of chocolates, now would be a good time to place your order (and avoid additional shipping fees or *gasp* the store running out of your favorite confection). Here are a few places to check out:

(locations in Oakland and San Francisco, CA): These guys have a little bit of some of the best chocolate around. If you visit be sure to check out their fresh baked goodies as well as their signature drinks.

Vosges (locations in Chicago and Las Vegas): They are known for their signature purple heart boxes, not to mention the delicacies inside. We are big fans of the Naga bar.

L.A. Burdick (locations in New Hampshire and Vermont): There is nothing quite like a box of Burdick chocolates. The combinations are unique and matched perfectly to the chocolate. They also have their signature mice, which personally I can't bring myself to eat (you are supposed to hold the mouse by the silk tail and pop it in your mouth).

Moonstruck (locations in Oregon, Chicago, Walnut Creek (CA)): These chocolates were selected as the official chocolates for the Oscars. Again, best ingredients make delicious confections. If you visit one of their shops get a Brown Cow (if it is hot) or a Malted Creamy Caramel (if it is cold) – oh so good.

* In our house the holiday on February 14 is known as Browniecow Day. It's just more fun.

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