book review :: the frog prince: a fairy tale for consenting adults

This is a cute little book (literally little). Most probably remember the story of the frog that is turned into a prince after a kiss from a Princess. Well, the truth is, or so this book says, that most of us are only familiar with the Condensed Version.

If you will recall, the Princess drops her golden ball into the well and the frog retrieves it. In this book, we learn more about the importance of the ball.

The reader is presented with theories on what the tale really tells us about men and women, frogs and princes, and how they relate. The thing to remember, as the opening paragraph points out. is that frogs never become princes, but over the course of an ordinary marriage, a prince can become a frog. And we all know how that goes.

There are a few twists and turns, but the story is essentially the same. It is a short, fun read, especially if you like fairy tales. Oh, and don't let the title worry you, this is rated G, although I don't think really young children would get it.

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