better than er?

There are a few drawbacks to not watching television for several years – you miss shows like Grey's Anatomy. But that is where Netflix comes in handy.

We rented the first season, and stayed up too late watching the first four episodes (we had to get up early or we would have watched the fifth episode on the disc). And then when the second disc arrived we pretty much watched it in one sitting (four more episodes). I guess you can say we like it, a lot.

I know that there have been people on my friend's page who talked about it, but when you have no reference, it is hard to get it. And on some level I much prefer watching series on DVD – I hate cliff hangers that last for months at a time. And yes I am aware of the big drama going on in season 3 – there was an article in the WSJ about it.

I really like the characters, and the actors who portray them. The story lines are good, although somewhat predictable. I mean I guess it goes without saying that if you are going to do a medical drama about doctors, someone is going to end up with VD and everyone is going to find out. Oh, and the music rocks!

Hopefully the second season will arrive soon.

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4 Responses to better than er?

  1. Steve Betz says:

    The thing I have found remarkable about GA is that I don't actually like any of the characters all that much. I don't think I'd like to have coffee or dinner with them. But yet, the characters and stories have had pretty compelling writing that keeps me coming back. That's good TV.

  2. Precision says:

    McSteamy! McSteamy! McSteamy! McSteamy! -drools-

  3. Lauren says:

    I fell in love with Grey's in December. During our winter break, I borrowed seasons 1 and 2 from a colleague and watched ALL of them between December 19th and January 2nd. Then I caught up on the third season by January 11th. It's totally addictive and I just fell in love with the characters and the stories. There are some episodes that are better than others, and I definitely preferred watching them on DVD so that I could keep going – kept it more engaging – but I'm glad I got into it finally.

  4. dani says:

    Agreed. I also love watching TV shows on DVD. Maybe I should Netflix this? Or maybe my library has it?

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