a link from nordstrom.com

Skinny Jeans: How to Wear Them

Step One: Check to make sure that you are skinny.

Step Two: No, really really skinny.

Step Three: Put on your skinny jeans.

Okay, I made part of that up. But there really is an entire feature about how and where to wear skinny jeans on Nordstrom.

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5 Responses to a link from nordstrom.com

  1. mu says:

    damn fashion."do your hipbones poke out at odd angles? boy, do we have the jeans for YOU!"

  2. you make me laugh! I liked number 2! Seriously if those were the rules half the women wearing the "skinny jeans" would be allowed to wear them!

  3. Jenny Marie says:

    Your post made me giggle. Skinny jeans are even more popular here in Ireland than they were when I was in the States in December, and it is ridiculous. Why in the world would you want to highlight your bublous butt and thick thighs?!

  4. Christina says:

    That's HA-larious. Loved it! 😀

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