vox hunt: tv on dvd

Video: Show us a TV series you own or watched on DVD.

I really love Netflix. It is a great way to watch tv shows you missed when they were on. You only get one disc at a time, but in some ways it is better. It not only keeps you from staying up all night to watch the whole thing, but you get a bit of the cliff hanger effect, so it is almost like watching it live.

B heard about Arrested Development. He said people were comparing it to Soap, one of my all time favorite shows. It isn't quite that good, although I have yet to find anything as good as Soap. It truly is a classic.

So far I have enjoyed Arrested Development. The family is crazy. I also like that they are supposed to be in Newport Beach. They fictionalized the banana stand, but I can't help but wonder if there isn't some crazy family behind the one that B and I usually go to get Balboa Bars.

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