tip :: wage subsidy

Again, my apologies for disappearing. If this one helps someone though, I think you might forgive me.

I know that there are some you out there with family and friends who are over 50 and having trouble finding a job with the same pay scale. Well, there is help, from Uncle Sam, if you can believe it.

There is a program. The current form of wage insurance, as it exists today, excludes younger workers. It's for those workers 50 or over. So you lose your job, you take a new job. But it pays you less. So then what the wage insurance kicks in, it subsidizes on the job training, and it sort of helps you make up some of the income that you've lost up to $10,000. So it's essentially a way of rewarding people to take a job and then help out for the fact that they're making less money than they did before. But it's not advertised. And it is an absolute disgrace. And I'm gonna send you to where you could find it. But it's gonna take perseverance. So you need to go to the Web site of the Department of Labor, DOL.gov. And then you're gonna click around, and what you want is the trade adjustment assistance section. And then you'll scroll down, and you want the alternative trade adjustment assistance. And then they'll further confuse you. They don't call it wage insurance. They call it wage subsidy.

Source: Marketplace Money

p.s. If this doesn't apply to you or someone you know, Marketplace Money is a program on NPR about financial issues that affect everyone. They present all sorts of information that is easy to understand. They even have a podcast.

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