of note :: not a dome home, but not a trailer home either

I am in awe. Not only are these homes green, but the model home was put up in a mere 8 hours! They are prefab homes, but designed by some amazing architects.

When I was in grade school, we almost bought a dome home. We were going to have it built in some remote part of Oregon. I remember going to the model home and couldn't believe how nice it was inside. It felt like a real home. We still pass it when we take the 210 to get to the 5 when we head up north.

Check out the virtual tour at the living homes website – another very cool thing about this company. I love how you can listen as well as click on various points of interest in each room. I think my favorite feature is the compost window.

The only downside is that currently they are only in the LA Area, and are selling for about $750K. Still, I got myself on the mailing list.

Thanks to radiojohno for the info!

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3 Responses to of note :: not a dome home, but not a trailer home either

  1. FaerieKissed says:

    Must keep this from J! He loves domes and all this sort of architecture.

  2. chris says:

    I don't know. Take a look, I think you might like it. There is a lot of light and just about everything in the home is earth friendly. Another cool feature is that the upstairs bedrooms can be rearranged in a matter of minutes to fit your needs as family needs change.

  3. MalieKai says:

    Very neat–I love this sort of thing. Do you know of Moshe Safdie? There's some amazing architecture by him… http://www.msafdie.com

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