random tidbits

{one} The other day we had to go to Staples to get some blank CDs. In the parking lot we were greeted by a pug dog wearing easter bunny ears. The odd thing is that he was tethered to his car such that he could roam freely outside the car – to a point, of course. I almost snapped his photo, but wasn't sure how he might respond, so didn't. Upon further inspection it seemed like that was probably a good idea as it seemed his owner may have been living out of their car.

{two} Trader Joe's had canned lychee's (in syrup). They also had dried lychees. What's up with the sudden availabilty of lychees at TJ's? I have never had a lychee, by the way. And what was up with swapping the left side of the store with the right?

{three} B's sister is coming. We just found out tonight, so add to list of things to do – wash bed linens in her room. I suspect they haven't been washed she was here last June. The thought of it just makes me itchy.

{four} We recently visited a farm stand. They primarily sell strawberries, but we also got red potatoes and an avocado. The strawberries were sweeter than those in the market, but still needed a bit of sugar.

{five} Cleaning the oven is a nasty, thankless job.

{six} There's not much more glamor in doing the dishes.

{seven} Dang! Where did all these boxes come from? I swear the multiply like bunnies.

{eight} My feet hurt.

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