tip :: back up your data

I was going to get clever and come up with something snazzy for the title of this post, but truly I don't want anyone to not get the meaning of it. Today's tip is to back up your data NOW! Not this weekend, not when you get around to it, but NOW!

I spent the weekend at the Apple Store. And it was not a fun trip. The end result is that I think that my data is backed up, but without another Mac, I won't know exactly what they backed up. And my laptop is on its way to be fixed. Thankfully it is covered by Apple Care.

Since we weren't exactly sure where we would be in the next 5-7 days we decided to have it shipped to our p.o. box. At least we won't have to sit around all day waiting for the UPS guy. At the first Apple Store that we went to, the Genius at the Genius Bar was none too impressed with our rock star life style. He sent us home with my iBook.

Later that night we stopped by the Apple Store in Palo Alto. We made a few inquiries and learned about Apple Pro. We also made an appointment for the next day and came back to interesting results. This Genius admitted that after closing up shop after 9:30pm, he went out drinking with his friends, and well wasn't still 100% sober. Still, he remembered us and got most of what we were trying to do right.

The weird thing was that after I bought Apple Pro membership and a back up hard drive, he decided to look at my laptop. Amazingly, it booted up and looked normal. Before we were lucky to get to the login screen and even then it would just freeze. Of course, he decided to try it one more time and at that point was able to see what we had been describing. I went from elated to beyond crushed.

I am just so embarrassed by the whole thing. I have a .mac account, so in theory I should have been saving some of my files there. I even told a few people about the service, and they signed up so that they could use it. I could blame not having a desk and all this moving around we have been doing, but really those are just excuses. This is my fault. I should learn how to back up my files, especially as between my work files and my photo files, you are talking about a huge part of my life.

We return to LA tomorrow, where B's parents currently are. Well, we think they are at least. We haven't heard anything. For better or worse my laptop is my safety zone. In some ways it is the closest thing I have to home at the moment. I honestly am not sure how I am going to get through the next several days.

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5 Responses to tip :: back up your data

  1. Roxy says:

    Sucky sequence of events, I hope you get your laptop back soon.I've considered getting an ibook before but my significant other always talks me out of it. They seem so much more affordable than the newer macbooks, and still outperform my ancient current laptop (which is NOT mobile, due to an issue i've never tried to correct/figure out).

  2. downthedip says:

    We got the iBook that Chris sent in for repair in August of 2005, so it still has about a year and a half of AppleCare left on it. Barring unforeseen circumstances, either she or I will likely still be using it when the warranty runs out. I would say that if you don't anticipate needing to run the
    latest/greatest software and Windows apps, that the G4 iBooks — particularly the last generation before the changeover to the Intel processors — are still very usable.

  3. Steve Betz says:

    Good advice — its a funny thing about backing up — with the right pieces in place, its super-easy. Otherwise, it can be such a hassle….<rolls eyes>
    I was reading the other day that not many people keep shoe-boxes full of pictures now b/c they're all on digital media. But lose that hard-drive?? Oof. Here's to getting back-ups and more 19-cent prints…

  4. Roxy says:

    If only those keeping prints learned good print-safe-keeping techniques. And save the negatives! My mother loves how she's been able to restore old photos from her childhood using some of the newer yet within-reach-price-range printers on the sale-markets.

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