vox hunt: under 17 not admitted

Video: What was the first R-rated movie you saw (or were allowed to see)?
Submitted by Lisa.

I saw this when it came out in the theatre. I was probably about 6 or 7 and my sister was a year younger. My parents couldn't get a sitter, but really wanted to see it, so took us along.

They figured we would just fall asleep. I didn't. I still remember being very disturbed by the ending, especially since I wasn't able to anticipate it.

The ironic part is that my parents were pretty strict in terms of what we were allowed to watch. I still remember my Aunt only letting us see the scene in The Blues Brothers where the nun wacks them with a ruler for swearing because she thought it was something our mother would frown upon us seeing (it was on HBO and we were staying with her for the summer – we were probably 12 and 13 by this point). We were allowed to watch that one scene and then banished outside until the movie was over.

My sister and I did get into see Porky's 2 when I was 15 and she was 14. To be fair it was playing with another movie that was PG that we had actually gone there to see – it was one of those discount theatres that showed two movies that had been out for a while for two dollars. I believe my sister met me after school and I was still wearing my uniform when we went. Funny how I can't remember what the other movie was.

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One Response to vox hunt: under 17 not admitted

  1. Lauren says:

    For me, it was Flashdance, and I was 3. I left the theater, went to my grandparents, and told my grandfather that he couldn't see it because there was a boobie dance in the movie. That was followed by Beverly Hills Cop when I was 4. My family made interesting choices.

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