mom’s day campaign

My inbox has been getting trickles and now more like floods of email about mother's day. I wish there were a way to tell marketers to opt out of these kinds of things (without having to opt completely out). I am amazed at how just about every company can find a way to link itself to mother's day. I guess it isn't that hard. Of course on the campaign I am working on right now it wouldn't work (fire trucks aren't something you give as presents) – thank goodness as I couldn't bear doing this to someone.

At any rate, I am trying to get my act together and do my postcard thing again this year. It will be the third year. It is my way of trying to get through this holiday. Last year I know I sent over 50 postcards across the globe. My address book is a mess though.

If you want to be included, or know someone you want to include (like say your own mom although I am not sure what she might think of receiving a postcard from someone you met on the Internet) leave me a private message here . I need name and mailing address.

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1 Response to mom’s day campaign

  1. Ah, those pictures are just beautiful! As everything you shoot is…I miss you! When you come back here we will hang out!

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