vox hunt: keys to the castle

Show us a picture of your keys.
Submitted by rosemarypepper.

These aren't actually my keys, but they are far more interesting. Exactly a year ago we headed to Minnesota for the nuptials of FaerieKissed where we stayed at this quaint b&b.

It had been a while since byron and I had done the b&b thing. The innkeepers were very nice and told us funny stories at breakfast. One of them was about pennies. I honestly thought one of the guests wanted to know about the "panties" he had found in his room. Thankfully I didn't have a mouth full of food at the time.

No one knows for sure how the whole penny thing got started, but in every room, there were pennies. There were pennies in our bathroom and in the dresser and on the tables. They were placed under things, very carefully. It was a very sweet thing, and the innkeeper pointed out that it usually got the guests talking in the morning.

The only real request made of the guests was that we be sure to return our room keys. As you can see above they are the old skeleton kind, and apparently very hard to get copies made.

When we checked out B assured me that he had returned the keys to our room. So a few days later, I was quite surprised to get a phone call from our lovely innkeepers asking if perchance we had taken them by mistake. I was mortified, which is silly, I know, especially as they were very nice about it. They were far from accusing us of being thieves. Sometimes these things just happen.

I asked B about it when he got home from school and he once again assured me that he had left them in the room as they had requested. I can't remember who or what made us think to look there, but the keys did turn up. They were in the canvas L.L. Bean bag that the cows, Molly and browniecow, travel in when we go away. Those cows – what can you do?

Actually as best as we can figure, when we left the room, the bag must have knocked into the dresser where the keys were. And thus somehow fell into the bag.

I took this photo and then walked up to the post office and sent them Express Mail back to Minnesota with a note of apology.

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