movie review :: double parked

This is one of those movies that somehow ended up in our Netflix queue. It is an indie film and we tend to like indies, so I guess it makes sense.

It takes place in Jersey City, New Jersey. In fact, I think the final scene was filmed on the block where I last lived there – I thought it looked familiar and there was a street sign that confirmed my suspicions. I escaped when I was eight. I know I was lucky.

In the opening scene a young mother opens her front door while in the middle of giving her baby a bath and discovers a young boy with a note pinned to his shirt. His mother dumped him there. You can only imagine how bad things get. In addition to child abuse, there is also spousal abuse, drug abuse, and of course, alcoholism.

At the heart of the story is a single mother trying to make a better life for her and her son. The characters are real. The story is heart breaking, although not without hope. The actors, while mostly unknown, are amazing.

I just hope it doesn't give me nightmares.

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