qotd: tune in, turn on

How many TVs do you have in your house?

Here where we are staying there are two TVs, but really only one works. In my home there are none. Of course, at the moment I don't really have a home. But where I lived previously we did not have a TV. And I *gasp* liked it that way.

I should explain that we have had a Tivo for a number of years. In fact I think we are on our third and I know that one of the things on B's wish list is one of the latest and greatest ones.

So with the Tivo and an old laptop hooked up to a flat screen monitor, we were able to watch the few TV shows that were of interest to us. It meant that during the day there was no TV in the background just making noise – a good thing since I work from home. And there was no using the TV as an excuse to not do something else. Of course, we found other distractions, but that is for another post.

It was funny when we were staying at the extended stay hotel and ignored the TV that was in our room. I think it was weeks before we actually turned it on. And I think that was only because we realized that they had ShowTime and Weeds was on.

Even on the days when things were really bleak and I stayed in the cave room all day, I had no desire to turn on the TV. It just wasn't something I wanted to do.

I first gave up TV when I was in high school. I had come back from summer camp and when I looked at the TV again, it just seemed weird. It didn't look real. It just didn't hold my attention, and I lost all interest in it.

When I moved away to college I didn't bring a TV and that was fine with me. For the first two years I lived in a home that had a TV, but I never turned it on. And the following year I honestly lived TV-free.

If you fast-forward several years to when we lived in Austin, B and I bought our first TV. It was a whopping 27 inches. At one point it had two VCR's, two Tivo's, a DVD player and a cable box hooked up to it. You needed a PhD to operate it (and its three remote controls) without messing something up.

When we left Austin we sold the TV and never looked back. We do rent TV shows from Netflix now and then.  Since there is a TV here we did watch Heroes and 24 live, for the most part. Well actually since they are on at the same time, I guess we Tivo'd one.

Old habits are hard to break. Honestly though I encourage anyone who wants to watch less to just shut it off for a week and see how you feel. Most of the network series have ended, so what have you got to lose?

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