movies and cupcakes

We spent the afternoon in Emeryville today. It would appear they opened a new Sephora there on Bay Street (yesterday). I did not go in as I have recently stocked up on my beauty products, and should not be spending any more money in that effort.

We decided to see the movie, Evening. The cast is unbelievable (Claire Danes, Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Vanessa Redgrave, Natasha Richardson, Toni Colette). I thought I would have been impacted more. I don't know. The underlying messages are both bleak and hopeful. Random tidbit: Richardson and Redgrave are mother-daughter in real life and Meryl Steep's daughter, Mamie Gummer plays the younger version of Streep's character.

We also stopped at teacakes. They have started doing special flavors of the day. Today was all about pink. They had strawberry and pink velvet. Alas they had sold out of the pink velvet, so I can't tell you how amazing it was.

So far the only thing I have tried from what we bought is the iced molasses cookie. I am usually all about chocolate, but I have a soft spot for this type of cookie. I think it is because I made them many years ago during one of my all out Christmas baking frenzies.

The hotel has gone from deserted to hopping. There is a wedding here today (07.07.07), so that is making it more lively than usual.

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