if it’s brown….

Last week, Mighty Girl, posted about catching a woman 'in her late-30's' in the act of peeing on the seat and leaving it for the next person to deal with – her. Unfortunately I think more of us than would like to admit have been there (not leaving pee on the seat, but finding it there when we entered the stall). Yesterday I saw what I hope was not done in the spirit of oneupmanship. That is correct, I entered a stall with 'number two' smeared all over the otherwise pristine white toilet seat!!

I will admit that, especially in this last year of being between residences, I have used public restroom facilities more than I would like. Thus, I have seen a lot of things – most that I try not to think about again and block from my memory for good. I can't help but wonder what would happen if an alien from another planet made a survey of 'ladies rooms'. I shudder to think what they would return home to report about us. Certainly, not that we behaved like ladies.

It is rare these days that I don't have to go into more than one stall to find an acceptable place to pee. I know it is important to conserve water and save the planet, but please flush the toilet when you are done. Maybe your family members don't mind seeing the inner workings of your body, but complete strangers can be easily offended. I have actually been in bathrooms where signs have been put on the inside stall doors reminding people to flush, and still they do not!* And yes, I recycle, but not toilet seat covers – those really are a one time only deal.

Also it seems that many people don't know what a trash bin is for. How hard is it to put your used paper towels (and used feminine hygiene products) into the the bin? I can't tell you how often it is that I enter a restroom where wads of paper towels and other assorted sundries are tossed about the floor. And yes, I know I have issues. They started a long time ago.

Back when I was in the sixth grade, I attended Our Lady of Fatima school. There were two girl's washrooms: one for first through fifth graders; and one for sixth through eight graders. Despite that I 'entered womanhood' in the sixth grade, I had probably used the bathroom fewer than five times in the first half of the year. I guess I had both a strong will and bladder.

At any rate a few of the girls who did use the bathroom completely trashed it. The principal reported over the loud speaker for all to hear, that there were used paper towels all over the floor. One toilet had been backed up and around the sinks were hair and other general nastiness. We were warned that if it happened again, all girls in the sixth, seventh, and eight grade would get detention. We were also encouraged to report the culprit if we knew who had done this evil deed.

Needless to say no one snitched, and of course, the bathroom was trashed again. Thusly, as promised, all of us were given detention notices that had to be signed by our parents. My teacher was nearly in tears as she handed me mine (knowing that I would never have done anything like that), and I was almost in tears trying to explain to my Mom why I had detention for something I hadn't done. To add insult to injury we were forced to copy the phone book while sitting in the first grade classroom for an hour after school.

So here are some tips for using the bathroom:

  1. It doesn't matter the color – please flush so the next person need not blush.
  2. If you miss when you piss, clean it up.
  3. If a family restroom is available please use it when you are with small children – I would prefer not to have your precious grand-daughter grabbing at my shoes while I am trying to pee.
  4. If you spill water (or soap or hair) around the sink, please wipe it up.
  5. If you use a paper towel (or tampon), make sure it makes it into the trash can.
  6. If there is a line, please pay attention so things move quickly and no one has to spend more time than necessary in the bathroom.
  7. If you are the one to use the last of the toilet paper, let someone know (especially if that someone is about to enter the stall).
  8. Wash your hands properly (we are watching and talking about those that don't).

For the record, I should mention that what I saw yesterday happened not in some rest stop along I-5, nor in some gas station bathroom in the wrong part of town. What I saw was in an upscale restaurant where the average diner can easily spend upwards of $15 on lunch without drinks or tip.

I should also admit that this event happened before I actually sat down to lunch. I guess it was good in a way in that I seriously might have lost my cookies had it been the other way around. But I couldn't help but think – ever so briefly – that somewhere in the restaurant there was a woman with poop all over her butt.

*I would say that it was because they couldn't read, but this actually happened at a library.

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2 Responses to if it’s brown….

  1. Erin says:

    I just read the Mighty Girl post, actually, so it was fitting that you were posting on it! šŸ™‚
    Girl, I know just what you mean about the nastiness. I was in college, I was using the shower and discovered a USED TAMPON just lying there. ew, ew, ew. It was great to post signs about "courtesy and cleaning up after yourself", after that!

  2. chris says:

    I just don't get people. When did it become acceptable to think it is okay to make a mess in a public place for someone else to clean up? At least I hope this isn't the kind of stuff people do at home.

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