qotd: the deathly hallows

Did you see the Harry Potter movie this weekend?  Are you going to read the new book?

I actually saw the Harry Potter on Thursday afternoon, after a failed attempt to see the midnight show on Tuesday. The theater was filled with people who weren't even capable of waiting in line to use the restroom, let alone properly save a seat. You can read more about the whole ordeal here.

As for the book, yes, I am going to read it. I plan on reading the ending first. I hate surprises. Honestly though, I don't think she will kill off Harry. It would break the most important tenets of children's book writing. She would be risking her life in doing so.

Last night we actually looked up places in southern California and have decided on where we will be midnight on Friday. For those doing the same, this is a great opportunity to support independent book stores. Yes, it will be cheaper at B&N and Borders, but independent book stores are a dying breed. Plus they will have better parties and shorter lines.

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1 Response to qotd: the deathly hallows

  1. FaerieKissed says:

    While I won't be attending the party (and from what I've heard, it's going to be a blast), I will purchase my book on Saturday from my local independent bookstore. Everyone makes fun of me because I wind up paying full price, but that's money that stays in town and supports a business I enjoy.

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