qotd: best road trip ever

What was your favorite road-trip of all time? 
Submitted by bodhibound

It was known as R-TORT – the Road Trip of Road Trips. We started in Emeryville, CA and headed due east on the 80 to Chicago. We made a side trip to Minnesota just in time for Dani’s birthday and from Chicago head due south to Austin, Texas.

After spending a few days in Austin we headed west to Los Angeles where we met up with B's family. His aunt and cousins as well as his grandmother were in town. We then headed back to Emeryville, spent three weeks packing like crazy and did it all over again (to Chicago without the stop in Minnesota).

Highlights included, but not limited to:

  • finding an apartment in Chicago
  • having a panic attack upon arrival in Chicago (my first real one)
  • meeting many of b's classmates for the first time
  • seeing a stop on the pony express and a house made of mud
  • fire alarm going off in hotel at 3am
  • amy's ice cream in Austin
  • getting our eyes examined and new glasses in Austin because we just really like our eye doctor that much
  • cell phone call from b's aunt in the city that was almost the capital of the u.s. in which she thought we knew we had been signed up to babysit grandma (on dates that we hadn't been planning on being in la)
  • being thankful kinko's is open 24/7 and had just been acquired by fedex
  • that the honda civic did it without incident and got almost 40 mpg (gas was under $2/gallon back then)

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