vox hunt: this one’s for the kids

Books:  Show us a great children's book.

There truly are many wonderful children's book out there these days. Many are works of art too. And they certainly are not just for children – that is an unfortunate myth that I would like to dispel. Sometimes all of us benefit from having things explained in straightforward manner. We need to know that the good guy wins and everyone lives happily ever after.

Maybe that is what is wrong with people in general these days. We have forgotten the simple lessons of life. We have forgotten to appreciate what we have and enjoy the little things. But most importantly we have forgotten that dreams can come true. That impossible things can and do happen. We should all try and think up five (impossible things) before breakfast each and every day.

And with that, here are (a few) of my favorite books that I encourage children of all ages to read:

For more modern works, I recommend these:

Anything by Daniel Pinkwater  and Mo Willems.

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2 Responses to vox hunt: this one’s for the kids

  1. renee says:

    I like the Alice books too. I haven't read the Knuffle Bunny ones yet. But Mo Willems is tops.

  2. simba20 says:

    Oh my god — Mo Williams.

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