please have your room key ready before boarding

The benefit of having a room on the second floor is that you are the first stop on the elevator ride. It really is one of the few benefits.

For security more hotels are requiring that everyone use their room key to access the elevator. In the past, this was a benefit of only those people on the Club Floors.

It makes sense really, although if you get into the elevator it will eventually go up. Someone is bound to call it.

Last night we arrived back at the hotel around 10pm. There was a father and adult son waiting for the elevator. We all stood there for a couple of minutes. My hands were full, and I have a hard time finding anything in my purse, so I usually leave it up to B to have the room key out. He didn't.

The other party got on first, and didn't know they needed a key to access the elevator. They were closest to the slot though, so it made sense that they do this. The father then pulled his key out, but tried to put both keys into the slot.

Meanwhile someone on three had called the elevator to go down, so we started going up. The other two men wanted to go to the fourth floor, and managed to figure out the key thing just after we passed two.

So we got to go up to the fourth floor. Then stopped at three to pick up the person wanting to go to the lobby and then finally got off at two.

And really it wouldn't have been such a big deal, but I had to pee. It also didn't help that I was carrying stuff and B stepped on my shoe (which I just had repaired) as we finally exited the elevator.

Honestly though, is it that hard to use an elevator? B did point out that at check in the staff doesn't tell guests about the key system. Still, I must shake my head and wonder what has happened to chivalry.

ETA: To be fair, the reason B stepped on my shoe is that he was trying to get to the door to open it for me. I wasn't moving quickly enough. He is usually a proper gentleman when it comes to things like this.

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