qotd: book recommendations

Where do you get recommendations for new books to read?

I am always looking for a good book, and have lots of sources. Here are just a few:

DailyCandy: I currently subscribe to almost all of the DailyCandy newsletters because you never know when they might mention a good read. So far they have not let me down.

NPR: I can't tell you how many author interviews have led to me going out and getting the book. Again, I have rarely been disappointed. I get a lot of my children's books because of Daniel Pinkwater's segments. He also has a column in Wondertime Magazine.

Amazon.com: It amazes as well as amuses me how often Amazon recommends something that I like. I say amuses as well because it can be funny to see why it thinks I might like a particular book. The one for the last Harry Potter book was so non-secuiter I can't even remember – it might as well have said because you read books we think you might like this one. I check my recommendations almost daily.

Bookstores: I love checking out what the people who work at the bookstore recommend. Sometimes it can be hit and miss, but that is okay too. Powells.com has all of their employees' recommendations on line, and gives you some insight into whose tastes might be similar to yours.

And of course I get ideas from friends both on and off line.

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