vox hunt: photography – frame it

Show us one of your photos that you’d like to print out and frame.

Rarely do I hang my own photos on my own wall. I have used them for various projects and of course posted them on the Internet, but it just feels weird to me for some reason to have my walls filled with my work. This photo I hope is the exception.

I took this for my final project for a photography class that I took at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. This really captured how I was feeling then. We had the opportunity to print our work using some pretty high tech printers. One of them was about the size of a large cubicle! Some of the photos we saw printed on it were stunning.

Knowing though that we were moving, I decided to wait. Getting this one printed (large scale) and framed is on my increasingly growing list of things to do once we settle down. I'd like to hang it somewhere so I can watch people's reaction to it. I think that might be fun.

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