a sad day for children’s and adult’s literature alike

Madeleine L'Engle has died. {link to NYT article}

Although she did write over 60 books, she will probably be remembered best for her book, A Wrinkle in Time. The series was recently reprinted and still sells about 15,000 copies a year.

I will probably remember most when she was the Writer in Residence for Victoria Magazine. How I loved that magazine and her stories.

A Wrinkle in Time
Madeleine L’Engle

I remember how she would talk about her life, especially about her family. Her husband was a fairly famous soap opera star. I think he was on All My Children for many years. One of the stories I recall was how she managed to get her children's sleep schedules such that it worked for a family whose parents were night owls.

I think the last book I read of hers was Troubling A Star, which came out in 1994. It takes place in Antarctica. I believe she actually traveled there to research the book, although I could be wrong.

She also wrote for adults. Another interesting work is Glimpses of Grace. It complies pieces of her work from all genres and offers daily reflections.

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2 Responses to a sad day for children’s and adult’s literature alike

  1. Katiebell says:

    Oh this is sad. I remember listening to a casette tape of her reading a Wrinkle in Time…and interesting author. She will live on for generations in her writing.

  2. A Wrinkle in Time is one my all-time favorites. I am so sad to hear this news.

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