i was going to bake blueberry muffins

No, really, I was. It was on the list I made up last night. Instead I made potato salad and fresh strawberry lemonade and jam – lots of jam.

B went and dropped off the recycling while I finished up around the house this morning. It is like an unwritten rule that there cannot be anything on any surface. And while I agree that clutter is a problem, this is a bit extreme.

I put everything away in the kitchen. I half-heartedly scrubbed the sink because I know the only thing that works is letting bleach water sit in the sink overnight.

The biggest chore was putting away the laundry. I had a week's worth of clothes on the couch. I know. Bad. But there is no dresser to put them in. At least they were folded neatly.

I got desperate when I cleaned off the dining table. This is where my current/important papers usually find themselves. I took a bag and dumped it into another bag and then stuffed all the stuff on the table into it. I hope there wasn't anything too important in there.

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