of late, catching up in bullets

These are clearly in no particular order.

{one} B's glasses broke on Saturday morning. They are wire frames and they just snapped, releasing the lens. Of course with the holiday weekend, the earliest appointment he could get was today at noon.

{two} We got the book The Perfect Scoop. Oh my! I want to lick every page. We probably made one of the most complicated flavors – almond cherry – and it was delicious (albeit expensive). Tonight we try avocado.

{three} The strange people B swears are related to him finally departed on Friday evening. Somehow they made it to LAX in 45 minutes. Yes, on the Friday before Memorial Day. I don't understand either, but they are back on their little island nation where they belong. Amen.

{four} B's cousin from Arkansas was found in his apartment in Texas unconscious. He is now in the hospital, but still unconscious. Doctors don't know what is wrong. Think maybe a stroke, but at 23 that seems unusual. He is there studying to be a mechanic for race cars.

{five} Because B can't drive without his glasses and his backup is in a box in Chicago, I get to drive him to work this week. I am like his seeing eye dog, but a rather blind one herself. Poor me has to slum it in Pasadena.

{six} The weather has been all over the place in the last ten days. From 100, down to the 50's, and everything in between. There was a weird rain storm that took out a chunk of the 605 freeway for most of Thursday, and which caused the commute from Pasadena to take over 2 hours.

{seven} On the day of the rain storm, I left the lights on the car on. The guy from AAA arrived 25 minutes later and took under 3 minutes to start the car. He spent more time getting to the roof of the parking structure and back than he did on the call. It was pretty amazing.

{eight} I am going to BlogHer in July!! Very excited. If you are going, let me know.

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