of late in bullet points

{one} Late last Monday night we returned from the Bay Area and my adventures in BlogHer Land.

{two} By Tuesday morning it was pretty clear that I had returned with more than a bag of swag and business cards. Indeed I had the BlogHerBola.

{three} On Thursday we had a party to go to in Bel Air. My goal was to be able to attend without sneezing on people.

{four} While the AC was being fixed (someone it would appear stole the fuses from the unit), B decided to make pesto. In removing a bad clove of garlic from the Cuisinart, he sliced his thumb. I did not react well. And thankfully we avoided a trip to the ER, which we also learned is two towns over.

{five} The party was amazing. I didn't sneeze on everyone. B didn't bleed all over everyone. I found a medication that didn't make me wonky, and got some sleep for the first time in days.

{six} We had to go to the library because it seems their very expensive new Millennium system isn't all it was cracked up to be. At least three books that we checked out on different days we no longer checked out to us. They didn't seem overly alarmed at the library though.

{seven} Sunday night my iBook G4 shut down because it ran out of battery. It didn't warn me. Went from 33% to 0% in about 5 minutes. Then it wouldn't start up. Well, it did, but it would get to a point and start over – again and again. B noted that my last day of Apple Care was 07/28/08!!  (It turned out to be 08/28/08.)

{eight} Got the laptop working again. Took B over a day to reinstall everything. And of course a 5.4 magnitude earthquake hit about 5 miles from where I was. Thankfully we suffered no damage. Just freaked me out a bit.

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