Tweets for Today

  • 09:18 Need to find some cackle fruit or a clap of thunder soon. Am on my own in Sin City for the day #
  • 11:01 Got me a nipperkin. Now all I need is a parrot. Feeling marooned. #
  • 11:09 Waiting for the lass to swab the poop deck. Such is life on talk my #
  • 12:05 Lass has not come to swab the poop deck yet. Yo ho ho. iPhone does not appreciate my Pirate Talk. Keeps correcting me. Blargh! #
  • 12:40 Arr! Sounds like some matey won treasure! It is talk like a pirate day. #
  • 15:30 arch! Just missed the monorail. Hopefully next one in 5 minutes. #
  • 15:34 waiting for monorail. Seem to be all alone. Oh and parrot at flamingo missing! #bwe08 #
  • 15:34 on monorail headed north. #
  • 15:36 stopping at imperial palace. One more stop til #bwe08. #
  • 16:20 Got badge. No wait. Am in hallway. Got the fail whale. #bwe08 #
  • 18:01 @onetakemovie scored tickets to blueman. @bwe08 #
  • 18:02 charging iphone while we wait at Venetian at random plug. #bwe08 #

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