martha book signing

Sunday we went to Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena for the Martha Stewart book signing.  Martha was signing her 66th book, Martha Stewart's Cooking School: Recipes and Lessons for the Home Cook. I didn't realize when we bought our books a couple of weeks ago, that our tickets were numbered. Turns out we were 81 and 82, so got to be pretty near the front of the line of what was close to 400.

Parking was our first and really only issue. The lot was crazy, and people were started to get a little huffy. We ended up paying for parking, but worth not fighting over a parking space.

The signing was held upstairs, but we were lined up around the perimeter of the store. Groups of 15 or so were let in as the line moved up the stairs. The event was set to start at 4pm. Martha arrived early and those with small children or handicaps were taken care of first. We were done by 4:40pm, so not bad. The line was still snaking around the front of the bookstore when we left around 5:15pm.

The highlight of the signing was a guy a few people ahead of us, Tony Briant. He told Martha that he loved her daughter's show. Martha was thrilled, picked up her cell phone and tried to get Alexis on the line. She got her answering machine, and Tony left a message. It is in the video above.

I found the video using Twitter Search. It comes from Anotorias also found a couple of other people who were there. Vroman's is on Twitter, but really missed an opportunity to connect with their customers today. They need to read Twitter Revolution.

Martha Stewart did another signing at B&N in Glendale at 11am Monday. There were no details on their site. I called and it appears they are handing out wristbands when the store opens at 9am. A wristband guarantees that your book will be signed. They did not know how many they will be giving out though. It was recommended to arrived before 9am though. It should be a zoo. Still a part of me wanted to go because I have a copy of the book I would love to have signed. Don't ask. And yes, I know I have issues.

on the night stand :: Martha Stewart's Cooking School: Recipes and Lessons for the Home Cook

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