Tweets for Today

  • 09:35 @undomesticdiva I am driving over the pass today, heading north on the 5. Please tell me it isn't going to be horrible in my little civic. #
  • 10:07 @socalmom do you know @beccalynn? She writes for NYC. @onetake and her husband went to b-school together. #
  • 10:12 any thoughts on this site? (beyond no Twitter links 😉 ) Constructive feedback welcome. Thanks. #
  • 10:12 now i really must pack and get ready to hit the road. hear the winds are not good. #
  • 13:55 stopped at post office to mail @onetake's nephew a birthday present. How is he 5 already? #
  • 20:13 Good evening Alameda County! The moon + Venus welcome was enchanting. I feel different here in ways I cannot explain. #
  • 20:25 – Pancakes for dinner. Mmmmm #
  • 23:38 I am zonked after 400 miles. Good night moon (that looks like a Cheshire cat grinning). #
  • 04:01 All is not gloom and doom. Check out Lifestyles at #
  • 05:36 @tzier @onetake check out Good Morning America for piece re: hulu, media center & goodbye cable bill. #
  • 05:41 @StephAgresta thanks for info about GMA piece. Reminds me I need to set up @boxee too. #
  • 05:46 Spend $1K in same day at South Coast Plaza & get $100 gift card. Excludes dept store & gift certicates. Via DailyCandy. #
  • 05:57 @motionblur 'Across the Universe' #beatlesfriday (what's your fav song by beatles? That's mine) #

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